Super Calm

Our 3 step regime was designed to address the needs of sensitive, easily stressed skin. Each gentle product is formulated with hydrating ingredients to soothe potentially reactive skin. Use them daily to help your skin look more even-toned and healthy with fewer signs of sensitivity. Botanically based regime featuring probiotic lysate, sustainably sourced agastache mexicana extract and tiger grass extract, works to relieve skin stress, sensitivity, and reactivity through the delivery of soothing moisturisation – helping to balance the appearance and feeling of skin.

Your Supercalm treatment includes:
  • A thorough consultation
  • A product experience facial
  • Homecare regime lesson
  • A skin kit with 3 days worth of our recommended products

  • £75 | session

    £200 | 3 sessions course


    The Supercalm Collection

    Cleansing Milk

    Soothe your skin with this milky, non-foaming cleanser with Agastache Blend that helps support the skin’s moisture barrier. This leaves a soothing layer over skin so it feels protected, calm, and hydrated.

    Skin Relief Serum

    Probiotic Lysate in this milky serum supports the skin’s renewal process by keeping the skin hydrated, helping improve the appearance of skin texture and tone.

    Soothing Hydrator

    Bolster your moisture barrier with this lightweight lotion that features Tiger Grass Blend to support the skin’s balance while soothing and comforting skin.


    Our de-stress powder features sustainably sourced Ashwagandha, a powerful adaptogen, along with sustainably sourced Saffron to help you achieve a balanced mindset. L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves, promotes a sense of calm and relaxation without feeling drowsy. Peach green tea flavour. 30 servings.


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