RE9 Prepwork

Developed for the “busy girl in the go,” this collection will help maintain its vitality and healthy looking glow. Formulated with a superfood cocktail of ingredients – vitamins C and E, antioxidants, omegas and phytonutrients – these products help improve the appearance of skin tone, radiance and luminosity while also softening the look of fine lines and improving the feeling of skin’s texture and bounce.

Your RE9 Prepwork treatment includes:
  • A thorough consultation
  • A product experience facial
  • Homecare regime lesson
  • A skin kit with 3 days worth of our recommended products

  • £75 | session

    £200 | 3 sessions course


    The RE9 Advanced Prepwork Collection

    Cleansing Polish

    A fresh start to your daily regime. Formulated with exfoliants from lingonberry and apricot to gently buff away dull surface skin cells, makeup and excess oil, leaving skin feeling fresh and looking brighter. Gentle enough for use twice a day.

    Micellar Water

    No rinse, no hassle. Simply soak a cotton pad with this cleanser to instantly remove daily impurities. Micelles (tiny bunches of molecules) in this formula trap dirt, makeup and daily grime while coconut water conditions skin with hydration.

    Hydrating Dew Cream

    Refreshing like early morning dew. Soak your skin in airy hydration with this unique cream to gel formula that moisturises the lipid barrier, with none of the shine and all of the softness. That’s thanks to lentil seed extract, which helps mattify skin, and apple fruit extract, which helps immediately increase skin hydration protecting it from dryness.

    Gel Eye Masks

    Everyone will be jealous when they see these fun eye masks! They soothe and cool on contact, transforming tired, puffy looking eyes into wide awake, “I’m a morning person” eyes. Plus, our moisture boosting superfood cocktail of antioxidants, omegas and phytonutrients help soften the look of baby lines around the eyes.

    Soft Focus Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 30

    Your skin, but better. This breathable, lightweight veil creates a photo filtered, soft focus effect to blur the look of pores and baby lines. This natural looking tint — containing 100% mineral based sunscreen — can be worn alone or under makeup as it blends effortlessly to compliment a spectrum of skin tones, perfecting the indescribable je ne sais quoi glow.

    Overnight Face Jelly

    Overnight success is not a myth. Spread this light jelly over your face before you hit the sack and let it recharge parched skin while you sleep. Good morning, baby soft skin!


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