Bob & Betty proudly introduce the ultimate multi-function Aqua Peel HydraFacial system, creating a total-solution to give you outstanding results in deep cleaning, refining pores and surface exfoliation to remove dead skin cells as well as improving the appearance of closed acne, through the perfect combination of products and equipment, deep cleansing of exfoliation, acne, blackheads and other dirt in the skin and pores in a short time.

At the same time, it enhances the deep absorption of the nutrients of the product, promotes the pores to be fine, and smooths the skin, increases the moisturizing effect of the skin, and makes the skin appear moist and white, moist and full of texture.

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£130 | session

The 6 steps of Aqua Peel HydraFacial

Step 1 Detox

A specially formulated lymphatic draining technique helps increase circulation, eliminating toxins.

Step 2 Cleansing & Exfoliation

Dead skin cells and impurities are gently lifted for a deep-cleaning result.

Step 3 Brightening Agent

A gentle glycolic and salicylic solution helps loosen debris from your pores, brightening your skin.

Step 4 Extraction

Blackheads and impurities in congested areas are extracted using honey extract and salicylic acid.

Step 5 Hydration

A combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides replenish, plump up and hydrate your skin.

Step 6 Rejuvenation

LED light is used to stimulate collagen and also reduces redness, leaving your skin glowing.

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